The NAC tests and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of wireless products - so you can know what's needed to perfect them before release. In turn, you can increase sales, reduce product returns, gain a trusted reputation, strengthen brand name identification, and improve customer satisfaction.


Get the NAC Advantage

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Early Problem Detection

When issues can be identified prior to a product's release, you save money, time and resources. The 1-10-100 quality rule shows that a $1 issue in development can cost $10 to address in manufacturing and over $100 if the customer is involved.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Identifying and correcting problems before product release leads to improved consumer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and positive consumer reviews.

Powerful Marketing

Once your product passes NAC testing, a NAC report can be a powerful marketing tool for a manufacturer. By advertising that your product has been NAC-tested, you can help market its superior quality.

Reduced Product Returns

By identifying and correcting problems before a product's release, you reduce the number of returned products, free up the reverse supply chain, and save carriers, manufacturers and consumers money.

Minimized Customer Churn

Wireless carriers make a significant investment in acquiring and retaining customers. Prevent perceived poor network quality due to faulty devices or accessories.

Less Call Center Traffic

The NAC works with manufacturers and carriers to identify customer-affecting problems. By identifying and correcting problems early, you can reduce the number of calls into customer care.

Brand Protection

Poor-quality products damage your brand. You may get only one chance to sell through a national retailer or carrier. High returns or low satisfaction could damage any future prospects.

The Damaging Cost of Recalls

Nobody wants to be in a position where a product is subject to an expensive voluntary or mandatory recall. Ensure your devices have been tested.

Cost-Effective Fixes

Poor quality products can cost millions to support due to high return rates, poor customer satisfaction or expensive product recalls. Minor changes can often take product quality from poor to good.

Raised Expectations

National retailers and carriers who implement a NAC testing program create a level quality bar for all suppliers. Knowing your requirements are equally applied across suppliers helps to maintain consistent product quality.


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