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The NAC has developed many custom test programs and routines that help us efficiently test and evaluate the electrical performance of an accessory or mobile phone. Electrical testing encompasses an evaluation of the actual electrical design and assembly of a product, as well as the charging and current draw of the product.

The NAC evaluates the performance of an electronic product AND inspects the electrical construction for potential challenges to mass production. Issues that can affect or have affected the product's performance are outlined in detail.

The 'raw-data' collected during testing is presented on a mini-CD included with each test report. This data allows manufacturers' engineers to drill down to the specific issues uncovered during testing.

Examples of what the NAC looks for and tests include:

Battery Charging Profile

A phone or Bluetooth headset contains a battery that is charged with an AC charger or vehicle power adapter (VPA). The charging is controlled by software in the headset or phone. We monitor the voltage, current and battery temperature over a period of time to determine to what level the battery was charged, and how fast (or slow) the battery is charged.

Battery Capacity

Headsets' and phones' talk and standby times are often determined on the rated capacity of the battery. If the actual talk and standby battery life results are inaccurate, it may be because of an incorrectly rated battery. So we compare the manufacturer's rated capacity of the battery to the actual tested capacity.

Battery Life - Talk

The manufacturer's rated talk time is compared to the measured talk time to determine the battery life of the device during conversation.

Battery life - Music Play

The manufacturer's rated music play time is compared to the measured music play time to determine the battery life of the device during music play.

Battery life - Standby

The manufacturer's rated standby time is compared to the measured standby time. The standby battery life of a Bluetooth headset is influenced by its Bluetooth phone.

Voltage Support / Current Support

A wall charger's rated voltage is compared to the measured voltage, while its rated current is compared to the measured current.

Circuit Board Construction

We evaluate the electrical construction of a device's circuit boards including wire-routing and the method in which discrete components are secured to the board. Some boards are hand-soldered and may be prone to inconsistencies in manufacturing which could lead to high return rates. Others may have poor soldering quality that may be prone to failure.

System Connector Construction

The system connector attaches to the mobile phone or headset. Since the electrical construction of this connector can vary widely across OEM and after-market manufacturers and an incorrectly wired connector can damage a phone, we evaluate both the electrical construction and soldering quality.

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