The NAC's real-world testing scenarios focus on these six key technical categories.



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When determining what product is right for them, a consumer's first impression is often controlled by a product's mechanical characteristics. The NAC evaluates how well a product is constructed - focusing on manufacturing consistency, durability and usability - to help you deliver an attractive, easy-to-use, easy-to-manufacture product with consistent and durable quality.

The NAC scrutinizes, tests, and evaluates the mechanical construction of a device, including:

  • Everything from the plastics that are used to the method of securing the device together.
  • The cosmetic appearance and consistency across multiple samples.
  • Drop testing and thorough re-testing occurs before a device is inspected for latent failures.

High-resolution photos on a mini-CD are included with each report. This can be useful for carriers, distributers, and manufacturers to e-mail any defects to the actual manufacturer who can often be overseas.

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