Our experts have been influential in testing mobile phones since 1988. With more than 20 years of experience working with consumer electronics, the NAC has vast expertise in evaluating products from manufacturers around the world. Our goal is to reproduce real-world situations to discover issues that will help you avoid customer complaints and ultimately improve the consumer experience.



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The NAC has been in Business since 2003, and our team has been working together for more than 20 years to improve the customer experience in the wireless industry.

A few highlights from our collective past:

  • 2003

    National Analysis Center Created

    In August, we were incorporated and began independently testing and evaluating phones and
    accessories for the wireless industry.

  • 2001

    First Bluetooth Headset and Phone Testing

    We tested and evaluated the first Bluetooth headset, which was promoted in the movie Tomb Raider
    the same year.
    Bluetooth Headset
    Ericsson HBH-10 Bluetooth Headset - Ericsson Invented Bluetooth and this was their first headset.

  • 2000

    Repair Center Auditing

    As a result of our 'Returns Analysis Testing' we learned that the #1 Call Center customer complaint
    was 'receiving a defective phone in exchange of their defective phone'. So, we implemented a
    process to audit the Repair Center output of both OEM and 3rd party repair centers - discovering
    that 35% of products shipped back to customers were defective. Not surprising, since many repair
    centers are paid by volume instead of quality. Repair center output was improved significantly.

  • 1998

    Returns Analysis Testing

    We implemented a process of testing 500 phones/day to identify problems and give feedback to
    phone manufacturers for quality improvement. Testing more than a million phones, as part of a team
    we improved quality by 88% and saved AT&T hundreds of millions of dollars. We also critiqued and
    improved Warranty Exchange troubleshooting; minimizing unnecessary exchanges by Call Center
    reps. As a result, we won the national quality team award in 2002 and celebrated in Hawaii.

  • 1997

    First Dual/Band Dual/Mode PCS 1900 Service

    In October, AT&T introduced the new 1900MHz spectrum in Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, and
    Charlotte. With access to a corporate Lear Jet, our team visited these markets frequently conducting
    technical training and drive testing the phones and network. The Ericsson LX 100 was the first
    Dual/Band Dual/Mode phone with intelligent roaming, which revolutionized the wireless industry
    and enabled the company to offer 'Digital One-Rate' pricing.
    Ericsson LX 100
    Ericsson LX100 - First Dual Band Dual Mode phone

  • 1997

    ACELP Voice Coder Evaluation

    We traveled to Stockholm with a small group of AT&T executives to positively evaluate the ACELP
    (Algebraic code excited linear prediction) digital voice coder, which improved voice quality over the
    existing VSELP (Vector sum excited linear prediction) voice coder. We also developed and wrote a
    computer program that demonstrated the improvement using actual live data and audio captured on
    the network.

  • 1996

    CDPD Wireless Internet

    We worked though the introduction of the first CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) phone. First, we
    tested and evaluated the initial analog-only PCSI phone and then the Mitsubishi T-250 - the first
    TDMA / CDPD phone which enabled access to the Internet for movie listings, sports scores, and the
    Mitsubishi T250
    Mitsubishi T-250 CDPD phone

  • 1996

    Call Intercept Software

    We conceived and designed sophisticated Call Intercept software used by law enforcement to
    capture dialed-digits and record conversations of wireless callers. System access was controlled by
    a finger-print scanner and the system was only used once a judge issued a court order.

  • 1996

    First CDMA Digital Network

    We completed a competitive analysis of the first CDMA network in the U.S. - conducting over 1000
    miles of drive testing throughout Florida and a detailed analysis of call processing statistics,
    coverage, and audio quality along with a detailed handset technology breakdown.

  • 1995

    Created Phone Programming Tool

    Long before over-the-air activation, phones were tediously programmed by hand. So, we designed
    and created a phone programming tool called 'Auto Nam' that programmed customer and system
    information into a phone in seconds - through a connection to a computer for which we received
    a U.S. patent. This tool was deployed in distribution facilities and retail stores saving the
    carrier millions of dollars.

  • 1995

    First Text Messaging in U.S.

    We worked closely with phone, network, and test equipment manufacturers on the introduction of
    IS-136 Digital, the standard that defines a digital control channel - enabling exceptional battery life
    and text messaging. Seeing the potential for text messaging early on, we conceived and developed a
    nationwide text messaging 'demo' system where end users could call in to receive a text message
    or custom ring tone via SMS (Short Message Service).

  • 1994

    U.S. Secret Service Training

    We developed and conducted numerous training classes for the United States Secret Service over
    seven years, educating agents in the operation of the cellular network in relation to tracking 'bad
    guys' through the system. Our personal tour of the 'White house' was a bonus!

  • White House
    Our personal tour of the 'White house' was a bonus!

  • 1994

    AT&T Buys McCaw Cellular

    In July, the Justice department approved AT&T's $12.6 billion takeover of McCaw Cellular. Our team
    now has access to AT&T Bell Laboratories where we travel frequently over the coming years to share
    our knowledge with the best minds in the world.

  • 1992

    First TDMA Digital Network

    The first digital phone network in the U.S. was launched in Florida. We tested and evaluated the very
    first TDMA mobile and portable phone while concurrently troubleshooting the network and newly-
    designed test equipment.

  • 1990

    'Cellular 101' training

    Because of our involvement in the latest technology, we were asked to develop and conduct technical
    training for sales, marketing, and dealers - learning how to take technical content and deliver it in
    easy-to-understand terms, like you'll find in our current NAC Reports.

    Fun Fact: Jim Lipsit met his wife Cindy while she was a student in a training class in 1998.

  • 1989

    Evaluating Phones and Accessories

    In the early days of wireless, there were many products with customer-affecting problems. As a
    result, we started testing and evaluating products prior to purchase and the 'New Technology Lab'
    was born.

  • 1988

    Mobile Phone Repair Center

    We ran the McCaw Cellular Communications regional Repair Center - repairing mobile, portable
    and transportable phones and interfacing directly with retail and national account customers. Seeing
    the impact of poor quality products in the market, our passion was fueled for protecting customers
    from frustration and saving carriers millions by identifying problems before release.


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