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Jim Lipsit

Jim Lipsit

President, Co-founder and Owner

Always interested in electronics, Jim built his first telephone at age 13 and his first computer long before the Internet. In the early 80s, he led a mobile phone repair team, moving on to test and evaluate phones and accessories for McCaw Cellular AT&T Wireless where he won the 'Circle of Excellence' national award five times. Jim has developed numerous technical training classes, software programs, and processes for testing and evaluating phones. He has developed and written all the software test applications being used at the NAC; and he currently holds eleven patents in the wireless industry. Jim enjoys mountain biking and dune buggies, and he lives in South Florida with his wife Cindy, two daughters, and their dog Winston — in a fully-automated home where anything electric in the house can be controlled by voice commands via microphones or telephone.

Martin Hochman

Marty Hochman

Vice President, Co-founder and Owner

Martin is an accomplished technology professional with over 20 years experience in the wireless industry. His previous experience includes mobile phone installations, service supervision and customer service training. Martin has a proven track record and extensive background in face-to-face customer service dealing with direct sales, product returns and repairs for both Cellular One and AT&T Wireless. In his former position at the AT&T Wireless New Technology Lab, Martin served in a leadership position responsible for the creation and development of accessory test plans based around practical customer use scenarios, the development of automated test tools and the management of people. In 2003, Martin and his co-founders partnered to start National Analysis Center with a mission to test wireless products the way customers really use them. Today, in addition to advancing the quality level of wireless products coming to the market, he lives with his wife and two children in South Florida and enjoys coaching youth sports, boating, sport fishing and playing a friendly game of Poker.

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

Vice President of Business Development

With 17 years experience in the wireless industry, Joe's become a well-balanced individual who quickly understands 'big picture' concepts along with the minuscule details required to execute on those concepts. At the NAC, he is responsible for developing new business opportunities and supporting our new customers through the testing process. He's worked as an engineering professional at very large companies (AT&T, Lucent, and Broadcom) as well as smaller startup companies (Mobicom, Firefly Mobile). Joe says the best advice he ever received was from a CEO who told him, 'Don't come to me with problems; come to me with solutions.' Though he admits finding it infuriating at the time, today Joe appreciates the simplicity of the statement. He believes that how one deals with the normal obstacles encountered in the workplace separates the average employee from the exceptional one. When not working, Joe enjoys going to the beach, running, and sharing time with his wife and son.

Stephen Raxter


Director of Bluetooth Testing

Stephen manages activities and processes for our Bluetooth interoperability team. He also represents the NAC on various Bluetooth Special Interest Group committees. Stephen currently serves as Chair of the Car Working Group (CWG), and on both the Bluetooth Test and Interoperability Committee and Audio/Video Working Group. Previously, Stephen served on the Bluetooth Architecture Review Board as well as Chairman of the CWG, which created the Hands-Free, Phone Book Access, and SIM Card Access profiles for Bluetooth products. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Stephen began his career as an install and repair technician for IBM 360/370 mainframe computers and equipment. After more than 25 years in the telecommunications industry working in positions ranging from cable puller to software development to systems management, he has found a home with the NAC. In addition to technology, Stephen enjoys history, sports and travel.


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